No, just Monday to Friday. We are open 8am – 5pm Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and 8am – 7.30pm Tuesday and Thursday.

Weekends, weekday evenings and public holidays there is a doctor available for appointments at the Invercargill Urgent Doctor Service (telephone 2188821) situated at 40 Clyde St, Invercargill.

Healthline offers 24 hour advice with a registered nurse: Please phone 0800 611 116

Nobody likes to be kept waiting. We are aware of this and try to stick to our appointment times. However, the unpredictable nature of medical practice means we sometimes run behind schedule. We are always sorry if we are running late.

Your time is important. Please feel free to ring in before your appointment to find out how close to time your doctor is running.

All patients need to enrol with a practice to access government funded health benefits. The consultation cost for non-enrolled patients’ fee is currently $80 less any GMS benefit.

Patient privacy is very important to us. In recent years there have been changes in the NZ health sector that reduce patient privacy at the price of collecting better national health information. You need to be aware of some of these.

The advent of the National Health Index (NHI numbers) means all health system “transactions” such as doctor visits, laboratory tests, prescriptions are recorded in computers and analysed. Furthermore, in order to access funding we must report our activities. We see our role as guardians of your privacy as very important.

For further reading see the office of the New Zealand Privacy Commissioner, or call us to discuss.

We no longer have an active role in delivering babies. We can look after you in the early pregnancy period and offer you assistance in finding an appropriate midwife.

We would like to be able to contact everyone with their test results but this is not logistically possible. We will contact you if the results are not as expected or need further attention. Alternatively you can ring us.

Yes, we offer a range of flu, tetanus, travel and childhood disease immunisations. Please refer to our ‘nurses’ page for more information.

We have wheelchair access and a collapsible wheelchair if you have trouble getting from your car to the surgery. Our surgery is fully accessible.

Yes, we do house calls. If you require one, please phone as early in the day as possible, although it is usually much easier for us to see you at the Surgery.

An extra fee will be charged for visits, reflecting the time and distance involved.

Outstanding accounts will be mailed out at the end of each month & an accounting fee will be added to cover our processing costs. This is currently $5 per account.

Persistent bad debt unsettled at 3 months will be forwarded to a debt collector & all additional costs involved in this will be added to the existing account. You will be permanently exited from the practice.

We are happy to help you come to some other arrangement when you owe money. For example an automatic payment maybe a method worth considering.

Please talk to our staff if you have a problem with your account – we may be able to help.

Where appropriate, yes. A fee of $22 applies but will vary depending upon time.

Our fees from 1/1/2019 are:

Unregistered, non-enrolled patients      $82

Adult (over 24y old)     $45

18y to 24y          $38

14y to 17y          $28

Under  14    $0

ACC “part payment”      $45 (less for CSC card holders)

Registration of a new ACC claim      $20

Prescriptions phoned   $20

Steroid Injection or IUCD placement     $45 (+ usual consult fee)

Jadelle insertion              $70 (+ usual consult fee)

Smear by Nurse               $32  (maybe less for CSC card holders)

Careplus / CLIC Visit    $22

Home visit         $87

Missed appointments without cancellation        $30

Childhood Immunisations / Weight / BP / Pregnancy Test        no charge

Vercoe Brown have reduced fees to zero for the under 14’s.  For Community Service Card holders ACC consultation costs have been significantly reduced..

We are not yet offering discounted fees to Community Service Card holders for normal consultations because of concerns our computer practice management system was not able to support the requirements. We do expect that by April 2019 we will offer discounted fees to Community Service Card holders for normal consultations.

These fees apply to usual ordinary daytime medical consultations for enrolled and funded patients. We may charge more if travel, extra materials, or extra time is involved.

There may still be a cost for anything beyond a standard consultation, such as consumables and referral letters.

Failed GP appointments, without adequate notice incur a fee of $30. Missed  nurses appointment incur a fee of $20.

Subsidised care funding does not include consultations related to accidents, Driver’s License examinations, Insurance Company reports, sports related medical certificates.

There is a fee ($20) for telephoned prescriptions for children under 14

We may charge more if travel, extra materials, or extra time is involved.

Flu vaccinations are free for those over 65 and those with certain medical conditions

All fees include GST

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