Important Information

Surgery Hours

8.00am to 5.00pm daily
Evening surgeries to 7.30 on Tuesday and Thursday.

Fees, Payment and Credit


Our fees from 1/4/2016 are:

Child 12y and under $0
13y to 17y $28
18y to 24y $38
Adult (over 24y old) $45

ACC “part payment” $45
Registration of a new ACC claim $20
Prescriptions phoned $20
Steroid Injection or IUCD placement $45 (+ usual consult fee)
Jadelle insertion $70 (+ usual consult fee)
Smear by Nurse $32
Careplus Visit $22
Home visit $87
Unregistered, non-enrolled patients $82
Missed appointments without cancellation $30
Childhood Immunisations / Weight / BP / Pregnancy Test no charge

These fees apply to usual ordinary daytime medical consultations for enrolled and funded patients. We may charge more if travel, extra materials, or extra time is involved.

ACC consultations may not be free to under 13y olds

Where appropriate we do telephone consultations. A fee of $22 applies but will vary depending upon time.

Failed appointments, without adequate notice incur a fee of $30.

Subsidised care funding does not include consultations related to accidents, Driver’s License examinations, Insurance Company reports, sports related medical certificates nor pregnancy.  This practice no longer provides publicly funded subsidised maternity care.

There is a fee ($20) for telephoned prescriptions for children under 13

A Community Service Card no longer entitles the holder to cheaper fees. In order to get cheaper fees you must be enrolled with this practice and funded by our Primary Health Organisation.

We may charge more if travel, extra materials, or extra time is involved.

Flu vaccinations are free for those over 65 and those with certain medical conditions before the end of June each year

All fees are GST inclusive

Payment and Credit Arrangements

Outstanding accounts will be mailed out at the end of each month & an accounting fee will be added to cover our processing costs. This is currently $5 per account.

Persistent bad debt unsettled at 3 months will be forwarded to a debt collector & all additional costs involved in this will be added to the existing account. You will be permanently exited from the practice.

We are happy to help you come to some other arrangement when you owe money. For example an automatic payment maybe a method worth considering.

Please talk to our staff if you have a problem with your account – we may be able to help.

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