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Surgery Hours

8.00am to 5.00pm daily
Evening surgeries to 7.30 on Tuesday and Thursday.

General Information

House Calls

Yes, we do house calls. If you require one, please phone as early in the day as possible, although it is usually much easier for us to see you at the Surgery.

An extra fee will be charged for visits, reflecting the time and distance involved.


We have wheelchair access and a collapsible wheelchair if you have trouble getting from your car to the surgery.

Cardiovascular Risk Assessments

Keeping well as you age is important. An important aspect of a quality modern health system is identifying patients at risk of certain diseases and correcting the correctable before damage is done. We offer  a range of comprehensive health checks to enrolled patients. This includes cardiovascular risk – age and gender appropriate.  Some of these checks are free to certain groups. We hope in time to widen the scope of these well person preventative assessments.


ACC contributes to the cost. A part charge applies plus a registration fee for the registration of a new ACC Claim.

We can easily access Radiology (Xrays) via Southland Radiology. A fee may apply

Sickness and ACC Certificates

Sickness certificates and ACC forms can be a source of concern.

Strict legal and ethical restrictions are imposed on Doctors supplying certificates to Patients.

A certificate may only be issued after the patient has been examined by the Doctor.

Pregnancy Tests

Accurate pregnancy tests can be performed on urine samples usually while you wait. This is free. This test is very sensitive and will often detect a pregnancy within a few days of the first missed menstrual period.

Maternity Care

After active involvement in Maternity care over many years we have opted out of publicly funded maternity care.  We have good relationships with many local midwives and can assist women to contact a midwife for their care.

Privacy Issues

Patient privacy is very important to us.

In recent years there have been changes in the NZ health sector that reduce patient privacy at the price of collecting better national health information. You need to be aware of some of these.

The advent of the National Health Index (NHI numbers) means all health system “transactions” such as doctor visits, laboratory tests, prescriptions are recorded in computers and analysed.

Furthermore in order to access funding we must report our activities.

We see our role as guardians of your privacy as very important.

For further reading see the office of the New Zealand Privacy Commissioner. Here are 2 PDF file links regarding your rights regarding your rights and your rights


All patients need to enrol with a Practice to access government funded health benefits.

The consultation cost for non enrolled patients fee is currently $80 less any GMS benefit.

Wart Clinic

We have a large capacity liquid nitrogen cylinder and offer liquid nitrogen cryotherapy at any time during the working week. An appointment is required with the nurses.


Adults, especially older adults need a tetanus booster every 10 years. If you have received a tetanus booster elsewhere (eg at A+E) please let us know so that we can update your records.

Immunisations for children remain free.

Flu vaccines are recommended for adults with chronic diseases and chest complaints. Flu vaccines are free in the autumn for all those over 65 and with some chronic diseases.

Second Opinions

We are sometimes asked to provide a “second opinion” for patients from outside the Practice. We do not do this, as these consultations are difficult. If from within the practice you would like a second opinion on your problem please ask. Having several Doctors working in the practice enables us to arrange another opinion for our patients easily.

Test Results

We would like to be able to contact everyone with their test results. This is not physically possible. Already we make nearly 1000 local telephone calls a month. We will contact you if the results are not as expected or need further attention. Alternatively you can ring us.

Waiting Times

Nobody likes to be kept waiting. We are aware of this and try to stick to our appointment times. However, the unpredictable nature of medical practice means we sometimes run behind schedule. We are always sorry about being late.

Your time is also important. Please feel free to ring in before your appointment to find out how close to time your Doctor is running.

Telephone Access to the Doctors

In the course of a day your Doctor will see many Patients. In fairness your doctor should only be interrupted for emergencies. Thus is you call the practice asking to speak to the Doctor he/she will be given a message.

Telephone Consultations are available with the doctors.  This is charged for.  Please book as usual through the reception staff.

Doctor’s and Nurses Holidays

Your Doctor and nurses are not an inexhaustible resource. They need their time out. They need adequate time to spend with their families, for study, and holidays. Please respect this.

Afterhours Care

Weekends, weekday evenings and Public Holidays there is a Doctor available at the Invercargill Urgent Doctor Service (telephone 2188821) situated at 40 Clyde St, Invercargill.

Healthline offers 24 hour advice with a registered nurse: Please phone 0800 611 116

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Phone: 2146222 | Fax: 2146333

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