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Get the Best

How to get the best from your Doctor

You are responsible for your own, and your dependants’ health

  • When things go wrong with your health your doctor and you work together to evaluate and treat  problems.
  • Sometimes  doctors and patients don’t communicate well.
  • You may go away from the consultation feeling frustrated that you did not achieve the outcome you hoped for.
  • You may feel anxious about talking and communication will be poorer.
  • The following suggestions are ways to get good value for your consultation.

Making the Appointment:

Please telephone for an appointment on 214 6222.

Our standard appointment is 10 minutes.  If you think you will need longer than that please tell the receptionist. This is good manners so that the doctor can allow sufficient time to deal properly with your problems.

Please cancel the appointment in plenty of time ,  if circumstances change and the consultation is no longer required.  We charge for missed appointments.

Before the appointment:

Please think about what you would like to cover in the consultation.

A written list of points may help ensure nothing is missed. Brief written notes about the nature and site of a problem,  the duration of symptoms and any associated features are helpful.

During the consultation:

Bring a support person with you if you wish.

Please identify the problem and what it is about it that really worries you.

If there is more than one problem please indicate this at the beginning.

Please listen carefully.

If you do not understand what the Doctor is saying please say .

If necessary ask for the advice to be repeated.

Say so if something seems wrong about the advice you are receiving.

After the appointment:

Please feel free to ring back if there are points you would like to clarify. A further consultation may be required.

If  things go wrong:

In medicine things will sometimes go wrong. This is an unfortunate fact of life. In many cases things go wrong because of a failure of communication between doctor and patient.   The doctor’s understanding of the problem may differ from the patient’s ideas.   The patient may feel the doctor has not listened, or that the doctor has made a mistake. As doctors we know we are not perfect. We try to practice safe medicine, but we recognise we will not always get it right.

If things are not going right or have not worked out as you expected, then please in the first instance contact the doctor concerned.

We are fair-minded people and if a wrong has occurred then we would like the opportunity to put it right.

A lot of health problems require several visits and tests.   Some clinical problems are easily solved in one visit, others may take many more.

At times a patient has a problem which is not resolved after the first visit. The patient expects satisfaction and when not fixed,  seeks another practitioner who begins the process again.  The patient may never get past first base, because the expectations of a quick fix are not delivered. If a problem persists or is not satisfactorily resolved, then please let us know so the next step or steps can be taken.

Doctors may also use time as a diagnostic test. At the beginning of a problem when the diagnosis is not clear, the doctor may elect, if  safe,  to observe things for a while. Many problems sort themselves out in time.

Lab tests and xrays are not always as helpful as you may think. We will not order xrays and lab tests unless we feel it will help.

If you would like to formally complain about something that happened here is our generic complaints form



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