2. QUALIFICATIONS : Registered General & Obstetric Nurse or Registered Comprehensive Nurse or Registered General Nurse under the Nurses Act 1977


(a) answering the telephone promptly – assessing urgency of calls
(b) giving telephone advice and counseling
(c) accurately record and relay information
(d) do appropriate office tasks as required – make appointments, collect money, charge patient fees, register patients, copy reports,
(e) do standard repeat prescriptions
(f) prescribe for straight forward clinical situations as per standing orders,
(g) Open & close surgery, operate alarm system, prepare consulting rooms before each session – replenish linen and surgical supplies – clear away rubbish and tidy consulting rooms, help with mail.
(h) help teach new staff office & computer procedures
(i) attend appropriate monthly practice meetings.
(j) conduct themselves in keeping with high ethical standards, appropriate to members of the nursing profession
(k) Attend medical education to keep up to date with clinical changes and keep nursing portfolio up to date.

Clinical Work
(a) prepare patients for consultation take patients to rooms – weight, BP, ACC forms, measure visual acuity, pregnancy tests, urinalysis, tympanometry, measurements for ADC, D/L, medicals equipment etc as needed & indicated.
(b) prepare equipment for minor surgery & procedures
(c) Liaise with patients over phone as needed re test results, referral letters, and medicines and answer general patient inquiries.
(d) operate a nurses clinic for immunisation,B12,depo, zolodex etc; care plus, various risk assessments (CVRA) smear taking, ear syringing, asthma education, removal of sutures, wound dressing
(e) patient education
(f) maintain surgical and vaccine supplies
(g) clean & sterilize all equipment maintain supplies of patient educational material and replenish waiting room and toilet information pamphlet racks when needed
(h) provide emergency aid
(i) maintain autoclave and keep appropriate records of its Quality
(j) maintain cold chain and appropriate records
(k) maintain and administer vaccinations order stock as when appropriate
(l) keep appropriate records of administered drugs
(m) maintain emergency equipment

3. Computer
(a) maintain accurate patient data files
(b) input such data as is required from time to time – lab reports, clinical data
(c) prepare work notes and simple letters as required
(d) operate the recall system satisfactorily especially in regard to childhood immunizations , cervical smears, mammography etc in conjunction with other staff
(e) operate and perform maintenance tasks on the NES, age sex register as and when required and screen groups of patients to keep the practice register up to date
(f) print daily cash sheets, do daily reconciliation, do backups and end of day duties as needed