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8.00am to 5.00pm daily
Evening surgeries to 7.30 on Tuesday and Thursday.

Nurse Services

Evelyne, Janelle and Rhonda, our practice nurses, are committed to ongoing education and attend workshops and seminars on a regular basis. They are available for a variety of services that include:

Cervical Smears

The NZ National Cervical screening Program recommends all sexually active women should be screened between the ages of 20 to 70 years. Cancer of the cervix is the most preventable of all cancers. By having regular cervical smears abnormal cell changes can be treated effectively before the abnormal cellular changes become cancerous.

The best time to have a smear is the week after your period has finished. If you are no longer having periods then it can be done at any time.

The practice operates a recall system where each women is reminded three times over a three month period that her smear is due We appreciate acknowledgement when a recall is sent. We are proud of our results – the high level of smear uptake by the women of our practice reduces their risks of cervical cancer.

Both Nurses or Doctors are available by appointment Monday to Friday.


The practice runs a very effective system for vaccinations it is most important that appointments are made soon after receiving a reminder; to ensure full vaccination protection is continued. If there is difficulty in getting to the surgery please let the nurse know as we can arrange the Southland Immunisation co-ordinator to come to your home on our behalf.

Childhood Immunisations.

Vaccinations commence at six weeks and childhood immunisatons are completed at 11yrs. This service is free.

Adult Immunisations.

Tetanus boosters are recommended at 45yrs and 65yrs providing the initial course has been completed to 11 yrs.

A Booster may be given earlier at the discretion of the Doctor.

Flu Vaccinations

Practice strongly recommends this. These are given annually in Autumn to give protection against influenza.

Please note the influenza vaccine is not effective against the common cold.

People under the age of 65 with Chronic illnesses which including diabetes, asthma, kidney, cardiac malignancy along with all those patients 65 years and over are entitled to free influenza vaccines.

The flu vaccine is available to others who do not fit the above criteria.

Appointments for flu vaccine need to be made with the practice nurses.

Overseas Vaccinations

For travel to some countries additional vaccine protection is recommended. These differ from country to country and an appointment with the doctor is advised to see what is needed. It’s possible, depending upon the country you are going to visit, the doctor may wish to discuss other issues, (such as malarial prevention) that may be needed. Please don’t leave these arrangements to the last minute.

Exercise & Nutrition Clinic (Sue Vercoe)

I run this clinic for Patients wishing to lose weight, for those with high blood cholesterol, high blood pressure, Type II Diabetes etc.

The first appointment takes about 1 hour, during which time the patient is weighed and measured, long term and short term goals are set, cooking and eating habits are discussed and improved upon. All of these conditions can be dramatically improved by healthy nutrition and regular exercise.

An exercise that is suitable and enjoyable to the patient is discussed, and a program is suggested.

Usually a Green Prescription is offered to the patient, which gives them three free sessions to Splash Palace to help start aqua jogging or swimming, or five free sessions to one of three gyms that offer the same service.

This is followed up by , the Green Prescription Co-coordinator from Sport Southland, who offers different pamphlets and vouchers along the sporting lines as well as backup phone contact once a month.

There are many happy people now well established on healthy eating and exercise regimes – it may take a while to get back to normal, but it can be done with determination and encouragement.

Smoking Cessation

We run one on one nursing sessions for patients wishing to quit smoking.  During this appointment we look at the patients history of smoking, benefits of quitting, setting a quit date, looking at barriers and implementing strategies to overcome any barriers. We have available numerous materials and pamphlets. We are qualified to prescribe Nicotine Patches and gum.

Cardiovascular Risk Checks

In keeping with the increasing emphasis of early detection and modification of risk factors for chronic disease such as diabetes and ischaemic heart disease we offer these health check ups.

A limited number of free checks are available for:

  • Male Europeans aged 45 to 74
  • Male Maori, Pacific Island or Indian aged 35 to 74
  • Female European aged 55 to 74
  • Female Maori Pacific Island or Indian aged 45 to 74

This check is with a nurse. If significant findings are found and require a doctor’s appointment then usual fees apply.

Also available from Nurse services:

  • STD Checks
  • Contraceptive Advice and Emergency Contraception.
  • Depo provera.
  • Pregnancy Testing.
  • Blood Pressure and Weight measurements.
  • Asthma Education.
  • General Advice.
  • 45y old “Warrant of fitness” checks

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