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Patient survey results

Posted in Uncategorized at 4:06 pm on January 3, 2016.

 We have recently undertaken a survey of our patients as part of our path to achieving  Foundation standard. 

This was carried out in December 2015

Results indicated a high level of complete satisfaction with the practice.

¼ of replies indicated that cost was an important issue ie struggled to pay

Most people said they could get into see the doctor they wished to see that same day or the next

2/3’s of people indicated complete satisfaction with the service

1 mention of the phone line congestion

2 people noted they had quite a long time in the waiting room

There were several mentions of the fabulous and friendly staff

Accepting this feedback, we plan to :

  1. Publish the results on our website
  2. Address cost issues by : identifying those in most need, making full use of PHO vouchers, being efficient in our work which will save patients money with fewer visits & calls

We plan to repeat the survey in 3 years & thanks those who responded

John Vercoe    Dec 2015

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