Patient Experience Survey

Every three months a survey is conducted on the practice by the Ministry of Health, they look at many indicators for patient satisfaction. We take these results seriously and look at areas where we can improve our practice.

We have made changes in response to issues about difficulties getting through on the phone. We now have an extra receptionist to help. We also have the Manage My Health (MMH) portal through which you can make appointments and make repeat prescription requests, please ask the reception staff if you would like to be enrolled for this.

It is also possible to look at your laboratory test results on the MMH portal. Do not be concerned if there appears to be a minor abnormality on your results, significant results will be discussed with you. The normal laboratory tests cover a 95% range so frequently one or two results may be outside this and indicated in red, but are not generally a concern.

Waiting times can be an issue and we apologise for this, we would dearly love to run to time but we also try to be there for anyone who is having a physical or mental health crisis and this can take longer. This can be unpredictable. Medicine is also becoming more complex as the population is ageing and we may have to ask you to come back if there are several issues to discuss so we can deal with things properly.

It is sometimes not possible to see the Doctor of your choice on the day but we have also increased the number of doctors to help us see you in a timely fashion.

If you have concerns and there are areas where you feel we can do better please let us know, as we are striving to provide the best care possible.

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