Under current  Covid 19 conditions we are encouraging Phone or Video consults wherever possible.

If you do need to have an appointment we are asking you to wait in the car if possible to decrease your risk of being exposed to Covid.

Please do not come to the surgery without phoning, emailing or contacting us through the Manage My Health  portal first.

During Covid 19 the Ministry of Health Website is a great source of Information including preparing for and managing covid infections at home.

Accident Treatment

ACC contributes to the cost of consultations if the claim is approved. A part charge applies.  We can easily access radiology (Xrays) via Pacific Radiology if further tests are required.

Sickness and ACC Certificates

Sickness certificates and ACC forms can be a source of concern. Strict legal and ethical restrictions are imposed on doctors supplying certificates to patients. A certificate may only be issued after the patient has been examined by the doctor. Please make an appointment if you require a medical certificate.

Pregnancy Tests

Accurate pregnancy tests can be performed on urine samples usually while you wait. This is free. This test is very sensitive and will often detect a pregnancy within a few days of the first missed menstrual period.

Maternity Care

After active involvement in maternity care over many years we have opted out of delivering babies. We do do early pregnancy care and we  have good relationships with many local midwives and can assist women in finding a midwife for their care.

Immunisations and vaccinations

Please see nurse services.

Second Opinions

We are sometimes asked to provide a second opinion for patients from outside the practice. We do not offer this service. If from within the practice you would like a second opinion on your problem please ask. Having several doctors working in the practice enables us to arrange another opinion for our patients easily.

Telephone Access to Doctors

In the course of a day, your doctor will see many patients. Your doctor should only be interrupted for emergencies so they can focus on the patient with them. If you must speak to your doctor, please call us and we will pass on a message. A new way of improving access is through the patient portal Manage my health.  Using the portal you can email / request prescriptions and look at your test results

Telephone video  consultations

Telephone or video  consultations are also available. A fee similar to a face to face consultation applies. Please book through the reception staff.

Doctors and Nurses Holidays

Your doctor and nurses are not an inexhaustible resource. They need adequate time to spend with their families, for study, and holidays. Thankyou for respecting this.

Bowel Cancer Screening

April 5, 2018

At long last the much awaited bowel cancer screening program is about to be rolled out for people aged 60 -74.

We fully support this initiative to address the terrible toll bowel cancer has in our community.

How it works

Eligible participants will receive an invitation letter, home testing kit and consent form through the mail. The faecal immunochemical test (FIT) test detects minute traces of blood in a sample of faeces, which can be an early warning sign for bowel cancer.  Completed kits are sent back through the mail for testing, and any positive results are communicated to a participant’s primary care team, who will be responsible for talking with them either by phone or face to face, about the result.

Primary care providers will manage referrals and encourage, educate and support patients to undergo a colonoscopy. If further treatment is required, providers will work in partnership with Southern DHB to ensure prompt and appropriate treatment is provided to their patients.

Those eligible will be invited to participate in the programme every two years. All tests and treatment are free. The programme is available to people who are eligible to receive public healthcare, and who are not currently receiving treatment, or surveillance for bowel cancer.

However, the screening programme is only for people with no symptoms.   Bowel cancer symptoms typically include a change to a person’s normal pattern of going to the toilet that continues for several weeks and/or blood in a bowel motion.  Anyone displaying symptoms is being advised to contact their doctor straightaway.

People do not need to register to participate in the programme and will be automatically contacted through the mail. However, we are encouraging people aged 60 – 74 years of age to ensure that their address details are up to date with their GP.

Programme set to save lives

Over 100 cases of bowel cancer are expected to be detected during the first two years of the programme, many of which will be in the early stages when it is easier to treat.  There is also expected to be an increase in colonoscopies, not only due to screening, but also because the programme can make people more vigilant about taking action if they have any symptoms.



Afterhours Care

Weekends, weekday evenings and public holidays there is a doctor available for appointments at the Invercargill Urgent Doctor Service (telephone 2188821) situated at 105 Don St, Invercargill.

Healthline offers 24 hour advice with a registered nurse: Please phone 0800 611 116