FEES   From 1 July 2020  (Inclusive of 15% GST)

Full fee $90

Community Card                           No card

Child under 14                                                              no charge                               no charge

CSC card holder                                                            no charge                               no charge

14y to 17y                                                                             $13                                         $29

18y to 24y                                                                            $19.50                                    $39

Funded Adult over 24y old                                              $19.50                                   $46

ACC non cardholder                                                          $20                                       $46

These fees apply to usual ordinary daytime medical consultations for enrolled and funded patients.

Extras like referral letters, forms, long consultations, travel, procedures and dressings will incur extra costs.


Prescriptions phoned                                       $20


Steroid Injections                                              $40


Not enrolled, non-funded Adult                     $90


Not enrolled, non-funded Child <14             $20


House calls                                                         From $85 depending on time and distance


Surgical procedures cost varies avg              $220


Drivers License                                                  $90


Jadelle device placement consult +$70.  Note this may be free for some groups – please ask


IUCD /pipelle consult+ $70 but free for some groups – please ask


Smears by Nurse are free for some groups otherwise a usual consultation fee applies – please ask


Childhood Immunisations / Weight / BP / Pregnancy Test – no charge


There is a fee ($20) for telephoned prescriptions for children under 14


There is a booking fee ($5) for all accounts unpaid by the end of the month


Vercoe Brown does provide publicly funded subsidised maternity care in the first 3 months of pregnancy as well acute care in the second and third trimesters


Where appropriate we do telephone consultations. A fee applies that will depend upon time taken.


Failed doctors’ appointments, without adequate notice incur a fee of $30.  Failed nurse’s appointments incur a fee of $20

Subsidised care funding does not include consultations related to accidents, Driver’s License examinations, Insurance Company reports, sports related medical certificates etc.

House Calls may not be available on the same day

Flu vaccinations are free for those over 65 and those with certain medical conditions- ask staff re eligibility

Our bank account number is 06 0925 0184729 00    we prefer on line or electronic transactions.  Credit cards are not accepted

Our goal is to continue to provide high quality care. However, we may need to make changes to manage increased demand and you might need to accept changes to the services we have previously provided.  We expect that reduced fees will result in people attending the practice more frequently, when we are already running close to full capacity. We are also faced with increased bureaucracy and paperwork that happens outside the consultation – the “invisible” work that we do, often after hours and over weekends.  We anticipate:

  • a longer wait for routine appointments – please plan for this when requesting a review and renewal of your prescriptions.
  • increased demand for ‘on the day’ appointments. We will need to screen these more carefully according to need. For some medical problems you may be directed to a nurse appointment, or other health service provider.
  • we will need your help to be realistic in what we can manage in one appointment time. If you know your problem is complex, or you have several issues to cover, please anticipate this by making a double appointment time, or expect we may need to schedule a second consultation.